Information Management For Lawyers

How FileMan Works

FileMan is a matter centric solution designed specifically for lawyers to make the process of managing closed client files as simple as possible. We differ from our competitors by providing our services as a disbursement, saving firms thousands of pounds in ongoing storage and destruction fees.

Once closed, client files are transported to our secure facilities for barcoding, cataloguing, digitisation and storing. Files can be accessed any time through the FileMan portal, where you can request retrievals, insert documents, view files and authorise destructions. Files will be securely stored free of charge* for seven years, providing you with peace of mind that your client files are safe and secure.

Firms will no longer have the hassles of preparing files for storage or worrying about a file destruction program because FileMan takes care of it all!

*File storage is free of charge for all general matter files for a period of seven years. Files may be retained longer for an additional fee. Files with an indefinite retention period such as a Will or Power of Attorney will be held free of charge as long as required.

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